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Environmental Repair – The unseen work in and around Kyogle

Over the last 12 months environmental repair work made possible through funding from the NSW Government has been occurring. Through The Northern Rivers CMA and The Land & Property Management Authority (LPMA) funds have been made available for creekbank restoration and Crown Lands.


If you take a walk through the Kyogle Recreation Area Reserve (take the path from the Information Centre across the bridge and follow path under the bridge and continue along path) you will follow Fawcetts Creek. For over ten years Northern Landcare Support Services, Kyogle Landcare Group and the Reserve Trust have been working away to reduce the weeds in the reserve. Many of the main weeds have now been controlled (Morning Glory, Balloon Vine, Madeira Vine, Camphor Laurel, Chinese Celtis, Honey Locust, Green Cestrum and Wandering Jew). Native plants are regenerating together with some targeted planting.

Over the last 12 months LPMA has provided through the Kyogle Council $5000 to undertake weed control work on Crown Lands. Northern Landcare Support Services was engaged to carry out the work and were able to clean up some nuisance remaining plants along the creek in the form of Mulberry Trees and Cats Claw Creeper. Other areas in town were also treated. The Showground area along the creek where Chinese Celtis and Honey Locust were prioritised.


At the Lookout the woody weeds were removed and the Greencorp Team have done a great job planting low growing native plants to minimise soil erosion and beautify the area. 


The health of our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Please consider the type of plants and their ability to spread before planting and please take your garden  clippings to the local waste facility for composting.


Local Land Services - North Coast

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