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Protecting the Eastern Bristlebird in our Northern Corridor

Media release by NCLLS

North Coast Local Land Services is working with WetlandCare Australia to deliver an exciting three-year project that will protect and enhance threatened species such as the Eastern Bristlebird, restore vegetation corridors and encourage local landholders to protect wildlife corridors and native vegetation remnants.

Supported by North Coast Local Land Services through funding from the National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW, the Northern Corridor Connections project builds on successful works undertaken in 2014.

The project will deliver on ground works and build on landholder capacity in the Tweed and Ballina target areas. Properties adjoining the Border Ranges World Heritage Area have also become a key target for the project.

John Nagle, Senior Land Services Officer said, “The Border Ranges World Heritage area is part of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (Australia) which recognises the rich biodiversity and outstanding diverse vegetation in the area.

“This region contains the habitats of a large number of threatened plant and animal species such as the Eastern Bristlebird.

“The area containing Border Ranges National Park and Limpinwood and Numinbah Nature Reserves has the highest concentration of marsupial, bird, snake and frog species in Australia,” John said.


The Northern Corridors Project will undertake a range of activities that focus on protecting wildlife corridors, threatened species recovery and maintaining native vegetation remnants.


There will be a Landowner Information Day for property owners at Upper Grady’s Creek, Cougal on 11 November. Laura White, WetlandCare Australia said, “The Landowner Information Day will be a great opportunity for people to meet their neighbours and those involved in the project.


“We are working with landholders to identify conservation and land management opportunities on their properties and this is a great way to engage with those people.”

The Upper Grady’s Creek, Cougal Landowner Information Day aims to provide landowners with an insight in to the ecology of Eastern Bristlebird and provide them with the skills and knowledge to undertake conservation land management that address weed, fire and feral animal issues. As well landowners will be helped in identifying native and exotic grasses and given information on current control methods, prescribed burning planning and maintenance of on-ground efforts.

The guest speaker on the day will be David Charley, a renowned local Wildlife Ecologist, who has over twenty five years research and conservation management experience with wildlife in the Border Ranges area, especially the nationally endangered Eastern Bristlebird.

John Nagle said “The birds are slowly coming back from critically low levels over past decades, and it is very encouraging to be able to work with many landholders who hope to enhance the bird’s population and it grassy forest habitat on their properties”.

If you are interested in participating in the Upper Grady’s Creek, Cougal Landowner Information Day or would like more information, please contact John Nagle at North Coast Local Land Services on 6623 3921 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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