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Protecting / enhancing threatened species habitat, including the Endangered North Coast Emu Population in Bungawalbin




To improve significant habitat for numerous rare and threatened species including the Endangered Population of the North Coast Emu.  This project aimed to reduce threats by removing weeds, reducing bush fire risk and increasing the communities knowledge about feral animals and weeds.



Bungawalbin supports significant habitat for numerous rare and threatened species including the Endangered Population of North Coast Emu.  These populations are under threat by inappropriate fire regimes, Weeds of National Significance such as Lantana, Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD) and feral animal predation.



Restoration works on 5 properties to improve habitat for local threatened species. Bush regenerators undertook targeted and strategic environmental weed control, removing infestations of Cat’s Claw Creeper, Lantana (WONS), and other environmental weeds such as Corky Passion vine.  Fire trails have been cleared and enhanced to reduce the risk of wildfire as well as to undertake hazard reduction burns where appropriate. Fencing has been removed from one property to allow the existing Emu population to move across the landscape to access food and mates.

Landholders where given the opportunity to learn more about the local weeds and the tools and techniques to control them as well as about feral animals in the area and the best methods for controlling them.



·         Weeds removed in 70ha of native vegetation improving habitat for the endangered North Coast emu population and other threatened species such as the Bush Stone Curlew

·         The risk of high intensity wild fire has been reduced on nearly 100ha of native vegetation.

·         4 land managers accredited in the use of 1080 baits to manage wild dog and fox populations.

·         10 local landholders trained in Weed Identification and Control techniques.


Local Land Services - North Coast

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