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Best Management Practices of Carbon Management on Northern Rivers farms


This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as part of its Carbon Farming Futures - Action on the Ground program

The Project Outcomes

-Trial the ability of practices (compost, chicken litter, recycled cow manure, organic fertilisers, rotational grazing, compost tea, mulch crops & N efficiency amendments) to increase soil organic carbon 

-Trial how practice change reduces nitrous oxide emissions

-Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and or store carbon in soil through innovative practices/abatement strategies. 

Action on the Ground

-To establish a min 25 farms demonstration BMP Soil carbon.
-10 partners – CSOs, DPI & Woodlots & Wetlands.
-NRCMA team is Simon, Lindy, Gerry & Selina.
-$548k 3 yr project investment
-monitoring soil carbon & Nitrogen oxide


-27 farms - paired sites (paddocks)

-One implementing practice change
(compost, chicken manure, recycled cow manure biological farming practices mulch crops, rotational grazing systems and practices that improve N efficiency)
-The other site or control paddock will have normal farm management practices applied.
-All farm management practices (fertiliser application, stocking rates, cropping and pasture renovation practices and weed control) to be recorded on both sites



Local Land Services - North Coast

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