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Upper Clarence farmer and Landcare combine to protect a section of Bottle Creek


Tunglebung landowners John Taylor and Jane Lennon have recently completed an 18month environmental project funded through the Australian Governments Caring for Country initiative.

Obtained through a partnership with the West of the Range Landcare Inc (WORLI), John and Jane who manage a native forestry plantation and run cattle were worried about the weeds  and creekbank damage occurring along their section of Bottle Creek.


Through the Caring for Country Grant the Taylors were able to erect fencing and gates along both sides of the creek to enable a managed approach to cattle access. The fence is a 3 strand barb wire fence with the bottom wire higher than normal to allow for ordinary flood events. They were also able to contract local bush regenerators to control the weeds and provide some training in identification and control methods.

Some 960 locally occurring native plants were planted within the fenced areas. Cattle will be excluded until the plants have established and then cattle can be introduced for short periods and dry times. This will help control annual weeds, provide extra forage and encourage natural regeneration of native plants.


John said “The project has been very exciting, as there was a core of good native vegetation left along the section of Bottle Creek in our property, and now the gaps have been filled in and the retained vegetation widened.  I am encouraged by the government’s commitment to assist farmers obtain both environmental benefits and promote more sustainable farming practices through a practical local example. I would like to thank Landcare for their help in obtaining the grant and ongoing support”

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