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Landcare NSW

Is your Landcare group eligible for stamp duty exemption?

If your incorporated group has not-for-profit status and / or is registered with the ACNC then you may be eligible for an exemption from the NSW Office of State Revenue on the stamp duty on insurance premiums and vehicle registrations. Landcare NSW has developed a fact sheet to provide more information about this and other tax concessions for Landcare groups.

CLICK HERE and follow the link to open Fact Sheet No 28 - Not-for-Profit or Charity status and Tax Concessions   




Celebrating Excellence in Environmental Sustainability green globe awards

The Green Globe awards celebrate exceptional environmental achievements and outstanding sustainability of people and projects that make a positive impact on climate change, innovation, resource efficiency, natural environment and built environment. Last year one third of the nominations came from regional NSW and Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc received the Natural Environment Award for their 'Working together - cross property planning' project. The awards are also a fantastic platform to network and reach new audiences. 

Nominations close June 27th. 


CLICK HERE for more information and to make a nomination. 

Kyogle Landcare Nursery calling out for seed steno seeds

The Kyogle Landcare Nursery thankfully survived the floods with almost all the stock in good order. The nursery has stretched out to support Landcare members who suffered damage to their riparian restoration areas with donations of trees for the recovery. The dedicated team of volunteers at the nursery would now like to encourage Landcare members and landholders to help them continue the fabulous service they offer by contributing seed for the next generation of plants. 


Seed from local sources is without doubt the best option for next seasons planting projects. Whether you are doing your weeding, on the quad around the farm or just taking a leisurely early morning walk to get the blood pumping and enjoy the dawn chorus, don't forget to take a small bag with you to stash your seeds as gooey fermenting ficus fruits can make a mess of your pockets. The fruiting / seeding species are always changing so the seed search also helps in boosting your plant identification skills. If you don't know what the species is, try and get a leaf sample to help with the puzzle. 

As a starter for what you might find seeding about now: 

Read more: Any native seed to share with Landcare?

NSW Landcare AwardsNominations close 16th of June 

Urging all Landcare groups and volunteers to nominate those hardworking, passionate people for recognition in the 2017 NSW Landcare Awards. If you or someone you know is involved in protecting or improving your local environment, farm, coastline, bushland, wetland, waterway, school, region, catchment or backyard, there is a category in this year’s awards that fits. 

CLICK HERE to make your nomination 

Read more: NSW Landcare Awards 

ballot boxLLS Board elections are now open for your vote 

Enrolled Local Land Services ratepayers have until the 31st of May to cast their vote in the local Board elections. 

The North Coast Regional Landcare Network has been actively promoting the elections as an opportunity to give Landcare a voice on the North Coast Local Land Services board and asked for candidates who supported a Landcare agenda to identify themselves. 

Landcare Project Officer, Terry Schmitzer from Hastings Landcare has been confirmed as standing for election.  For the past 3 years Terry has successfully managed Hastings Landcare's BioFund project. Apart from his recent work with Hastings Landcare, Terry has extensive experience in weed management (17 years as Regional Weeds Management Officer) and runs a beef cattle property on the Comboyne. North Coast Regional Landcare feels Terry would be a strong advocate for Landcare on the North Coast Local Land Services Board. 

CLICK HERE for further information on Terry's background and other candidates who are standing for election. 

Read more: Local Land Services Board elections 


Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) are parcels of Crown Land reserved under legislation some 170 years ago. There are more than 8300 TSRs on Crown Land in NSW totaling over 2 million hectares. TSRs were originally intended to provide pasture for travelling or grazing stock. These reserves can also act as reserve fodder in times of drought, bushfire or flood and may also be valued for public recreation, apiary sites and for conservation. 


A 2012 Crown Lands review identified that many TSRs are no longer used for their original purpose. The NSW Government is currently undertaking a review to examine the relevance of TSRs to ensure that the TSR network remains connected, viable and well maintained. This review aims to identify where the TSR's are, what they are now used for, who uses them and how often and what condition they are in. This review needs community input. This review will help feed future decisions about how this land can be best reserved, managed and owned.  


FOLLOW THIS LINK to find out more about the review and to explore the TSR network through the on-line mapping tool. 
To have your say make your submission by 22nd June 2017. 

Read more: Travelling Stock Reserves

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