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Kyogle Landcare Nursery calling out for seed steno seeds

The Kyogle Landcare Nursery thankfully survived the floods with almost all the stock in good order. The nursery has stretched out to support Landcare members who suffered damage to their riparian restoration areas with donations of trees for the recovery. The dedicated team of volunteers at the nursery would now like to encourage Landcare members and landholders to help them continue the fabulous service they offer by contributing seed for the next generation of plants. 


Seed from local sources is without doubt the best option for next seasons planting projects. Whether you are doing your weeding, on the quad around the farm or just taking a leisurely early morning walk to get the blood pumping and enjoy the dawn chorus, don't forget to take a small bag with you to stash your seeds as gooey fermenting ficus fruits can make a mess of your pockets. The fruiting / seeding species are always changing so the seed search also helps in boosting your plant identification skills. If you don't know what the species is, try and get a leaf sample to help with the puzzle. 

As a starter for what you might find seeding about now: 


 Alphitonia excelsa (Red Ash)

Argyrodendron actinophyllum (Black booyong)
Baloghia inophylla (Scrub bloodwood)
Brachychiton acerifolius (Flame tree)
Brachychiton discolour (Lacebark)
Cryptocarya glaucescens (Jackwood)
Cryptocarya triplinervis (Three-veined cryptocarya)
Decaspermum humile (Silky myrtle)
Elattostachys nervosa (Green tamarind)
Eupomatia laurina (Bolwarra)
Glochidion ferdinandi (Cheese tree)
Melia azederach (White Cedar)
Sloanea woollsii (Yellow Carrabeen)

For a great guide on germinating seed of native plants by Moggil Creek Catchment Group in SE Qld CLICK HERE and follow the link to Native Seed Germination


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