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Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) are parcels of Crown Land reserved under legislation some 170 years ago. There are more than 8300 TSRs on Crown Land in NSW totaling over 2 million hectares. TSRs were originally intended to provide pasture for travelling or grazing stock. These reserves can also act as reserve fodder in times of drought, bushfire or flood and may also be valued for public recreation, apiary sites and for conservation. 


A 2012 Crown Lands review identified that many TSRs are no longer used for their original purpose. The NSW Government is currently undertaking a review to examine the relevance of TSRs to ensure that the TSR network remains connected, viable and well maintained. This review aims to identify where the TSR's are, what they are now used for, who uses them and how often and what condition they are in. This review needs community input. This review will help feed future decisions about how this land can be best reserved, managed and owned.  


FOLLOW THIS LINK to find out more about the review and to explore the TSR network through the on-line mapping tool. 
To have your say make your submission by 22nd June 2017. 


 In 2005, the journal for Ecological Management and Restoration published an insightful article 'Travelling Stock Reserves: refuges for stock and biodiversity?'. This article suggests that many TSR's now contain some of the most important remnants of native vegetation communities in their regions. To access this article CLICK HERE

In the Kyogle LGA there are TSR's in Grevillia, Old Grevillia, Rukenvale, Loadstone, Wiangaree, Toonumbar, Geneva, Fawcetts Plains, Dyrabba, Doubtful Creek, Mummulgum, Etrick, Cedar Point, Boorabee Park and Edenville. 

In the Richmond Valley LGA there are TSR's in Stratheden, Fairy Hill, Norton's Gap, Piora, Casino, Leevile, Mongogarie, Busby's Flat, Rappville, Whipporie, Myrtle Creek, Yorklea, Tatham, Bungawalbin and Trustam's Hill 

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