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A piece of Kyogles history is coming to life quarry workday compressed


Earlier this year Kyogle Landcare received a small grant from Landcare Australia to support some much needed weed control in the Old Kyogle Quarry. The site has been out of action as a quarry for many decades now and native vegetation is gradually reclaiming the space. However Privet, Lantana and Ochna along with a range of other invasive exotics were getting ahead in the race and many of the native trees were covered in a heavy blanket of Syngonium. After a few Landcare working bees and a bit of extra help from a contractor the site is transforming into a fledgling native aboretum within the surrounds of the old quarry walls. In late November Kyogle Landcare in partnership with bush regenerator Jesse Vandenbosch hosted a training session on plant identification to assist volunteers with sorting the exotics from the suite of natives common throughout the Kyogle area. A big thanks to Angie Brace for her efforts in coordinating this event and for her leadership with getting this project underway. 



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