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Can you join in the efforts to control the spread of Indian Myna's? Indian Myna cage


Indian mynaIndian Myna's have been around for many years now but at this time of year their gradual and persistent invasion catches attention as new pairs split off to claim new ground and spread to new areas. These birds are opportunistic, aggressive and native to to Asia. These birds have a significant impact on our native hollow dependent species (both birds and mammals) evicting other inhabitants from the sparse hollows that remain in our landscape. They can gather in communal roosts numbering in the thousands but nest in pairs.


The Kyogle Landcare office has Indian Myna traps available for either loan (with a $20 refundable deposit) or for purchase for the same amount. These traps have been proven to work locally although catching the first bird often takes patience. One Kyogle resident shared that it took 3 weeks to coax the first bird into the trap but once it was in there and acting as a caller bird they managed to catch 55 birds in 3 days. 


The Kyogle Landcare office will be looking to establish an aviary to be able to loan out caller birds early in 2017 to make the first bird process a bit easier. In February, Laura Noble from the Clarence Valley Conservation in Action - Indian Myna project will be up in the Kyogle area to share her experience of Indian Myna control. She will be a co-presenter at the Enhancing habitat workshop at Roseberry Creek on the 20th of February.

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