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Dung Beetle, Cattle Health and Pasture Production Workshops Bernard Doube and beetles

Dung Bettle collection compressed
These two workshops were held in December at Ettrick and Mummulgum in early December. They were very well attended and generated much interest and awareness in the benefits of fostering dung beetle populations on pastures.


Bernard Doube shared his wealth of experience in dung beetles achieved as a result of near 40 years of focused research on dung beetles. As well as lots of knowledge shared, down on the ground dung pads were inspected, beetles collected and species determined.


Many landholders reporting that suring the summer months these little busy beetles will bury dung under ground within 2 days with winter being the only opportunity to collect manure of the garden. Yet just over the hill other landholders reported no sign of beetle activity at all.

If you are interested in tracking your dung beetle species diversity check out the sampling instructions on the NSW Landcare Gateway by clicking here. dung beetles compressed

Dung Beetle Workshop compressed


Phil Kempsley, North Coast Local Land Services District Vet also emphasised the value of dung beetles in assisting with management of Buffalo fly and highlighted the importance of an integrated pest management approach.


The Kyogle Landcare office has a good deal of information on dung beetles in the library if you are interested in learning more. Also welcome to bring in your beetle samples if you would like some help identifying the species.
Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am - 2pm. 



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