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A Resource Kit for Rural Landholders in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW

Can I pump water from the river? Who can tell me why my cattle are doing poorly? What’s that weed in my paddock? Do I need to control it? What is the Native Vegetation Act? Why has the Livestock Health and Pest Authority sent me a rates notice?


Whether you are thinking of taking up rural life on the north coast of New South Wales, or have already done so, it is often hard to know where to turn to for such information.


The aim of this kit is to bring much of this information together in one easy to use guide for intending and existing landholders in the Northern Rivers region, and to direct them to where they can obtain further help.


The kit briefly describes the natural resources (soils, water, native vegetation and pastures) of the area and major factors that impact on them (climate, drought, flood, fire and weeds).

These play major roles in determining the potential and limitations of rural land and therefore, how the land needs to be managed. The kit also provides a selected guide to resources that will help you better understand your land and the enterprises you work with.


The Resource Kit for Rural Landholders in the Northern Rivers Region has been produced by Landcare in the Northern Rivers region with funding from the Australian Government Caring for Our Country program and the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority.


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