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The Northern Rivers FoodLinks Project

The Northern Rivers Food Links Project is a council cooperation initiative of the 7 Northern Rivers Councils and Rous Water.

As a collaborative partnership, we aim to work together to secure a sustainable food future for the region.

Sustainable Agriculture Projects

The key principal of this project is to add value to services and programs currently being delivered whilst providing opportunities for primary producers to make their farm businesses more financially sustainable.

The project will also showcase existing and potential land use models through case studies, site visits of existing models or mentoring for groups wishing to establish new models.

Biological Farming Methods Integrated into Conventional Systems,

Northern Landcare Support Services (NLSS) will work with a cluster of farming enterprises in the region to establish on-farm composting trials using local inputs.  One aspect of the trials will utilse existing farm waste with the aim to increase the use of on-farm organic waste materials as composting inputs and, where feasible, share the waste material within a location cluster.  A number of waste products are readily available within the region such as pecan shell, camphor (shredded) and dairy effluent.

Providing expert industry advice and assistance with on ground materials, participants will gain a further understanding of specific methods for utilising the organic waste materials for biological farming in Northern Rivers climate conditions.



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