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Environmental Trust

Jiggi Catchment Landcare Group goes forward with $250,000 to ensure the conservation and  enhancement of biodiversity

Jiggi Catchment Landcare Group Inc, with the support of Northern Landcare Support Services, has been successful with its application to the Environmental Trust for funding to undertake bush regeneration work over six years.

The group is working with two other Landcare groups and two school Landcare groups. The consortium consists of Mulvena Road Landcare, Nimbin Rocks Cooperative Landcare, Goolmangar School and Jiggi School Landcare groups and Jiggi Landcare. Seven properties in three valleys will be included; all are linked by mapped wildlife corridors.

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Dirawong continues to weed out unwanted plants – a story of restoration at Evans Head

The Dirawong Reserve Trust is another step closer towards its vision in assisting the Dirawong Reserve to repair to its more natural state.


The Dirawong is an area of Crown Land made up of coastal heath, wetlands and coastal headlands of over 200 hectares adjoining the village of Evans Head. It has significant Aboriginal and European cultural history embedded in its sands.


Local people and visitors alike can enjoy the experience of uninterrupted views of the coast, quite and secluded fishing spots, uncrowded beaches surrounded all the time by coastal heath vegetation that as spring approaches is exploding with colour.


The Reserve Trust has recently received funding through the NSW Governments Environmental Trust Program for a 3 year project to continue on the restoration work already accomplished. The aim is to rid the Dirawong of Bitou Bush, Glory Lily and introduced Coastal Tea Tree, legacies from the era of sand mining, using methods that promote conditions that encourage regeneration of endemic native plants.


The low impact restoration methods being used have been developed over many years by Ellen White an earlier member of the Trust and who continues to provide her expertise and labour on the Dirawong.

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Dirawong, Evans Head, Conserving the past, protecting the future

This project aims to conserve and protect the cultural and ecological significance of this coastal remnant and enhance restoration work already undertaken. The desired outcomes are the recovery of native vegetation and the reduction in the extent and number of weed species and the eradication of Bitou bush. Continued adoption of targeted low level herbicide  and no herbicide approach in this sensitive area provides the means to consolidate the natural habitat,corridor and vegetation values of the Dirawong Reserve.  Through media opportunities and support of the CMA's Community Support Officers encourage increased participation of community in restoring natural areas and caring for the Reserve.   

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