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Environmental Trust

Jiggi Catchment Landcare Group goes forward with $250,000 to ensure the conservation and  enhancement of biodiversity

Jiggi Catchment Landcare Group Inc, with the support of Northern Landcare Support Services, has been successful with its application to the Environmental Trust for funding to undertake bush regeneration work over six years.

The group is working with two other Landcare groups and two school Landcare groups. The consortium consists of Mulvena Road Landcare, Nimbin Rocks Cooperative Landcare, Goolmangar School and Jiggi School Landcare groups and Jiggi Landcare. Seven properties in three valleys will be included; all are linked by mapped wildlife corridors.

The project will engage professional bush regenerators working alongside landcare members to protect and enhance high conservation value vegetation that links key habitat for threatened species and forms regional corridors for threatened species including Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove.

The project will provide assistance to land managers to conserve and enhance respective remnant vegetation, opening and strengthening species migration pathways whilst ensuring a vigorous genetic base and continuous migration corridors in times of threat.

Environmental weeds including Lantana are degrading native plant communities and limiting regeneration. The capacity of land care group members to manage environmental weeds on their sites will be strengthened through training in restoration techniques and working alongside professional bush regenerators.

Anyone relying on the support of environmental funding to assist with the restoration of native vegetation on their property would appreciate the significance of this generous funding for a period of six years.

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