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Dung Beetle Field Day Success

The Good The Bad & The Ugly
Dung Beetles, Buffalo Fly & Pestivirus

Farmers from far and wide attended the dung beetle field day, “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. With approximately 50 people attending, the day covered dung beetles, Buffalo Fly and Pestivirus.

Access dung beetle information from day:

Deep tunnelling dung beetles_intro and manage

Winter dung beetles

Dung beetles and pasture production

Dung beetles and effects of drenches

Dung beetles and carbon benefits

Dung beetles working for you

Producers Guide to Bovine Pestivirus

Buffalo flies and their control

Bovine pestivirus infection

Amanda Pollard-Harris of Northern Landcare Support Services (NLSS) was excited by the enthusiasm for dung beetles in the local area, commenting: “From all the feedback people really enjoyed the day and want more information on identifying and monitoring dung beetles as well as distributing this quiet achiever.”

Dung beetle expert Dr Bernard Doube talked about the benefits that dung beetles bring.  These benefits include improving nutrient cycling in the soil, increasing soil carbon, improving water infiltration and soil aeration and reducing the breeding habitat for pest flies such as bush fly and buffalo fly.


Dr Doube also has experience researching buffalo fly and in conjunction with LHPA Vet Matthew Ball answered many questions about the control and management of buffalo fly.  Once thought to be a coastal and QLD problem only, buffalo fly have increased their range in recent years causing issues for producers across our region.

Pestivirus is also of concern to cattle producers mind at the moment, with many concerned about the possible impacts on their herd.  Matthew Ball presented the facts on pestivirus and talk about how cattle producers can begin to look at tackling the problem. Matthew suggested that landholders work together more on disease and pest management; “I’m happy to come out to your local area to talk to groups of landholders to promote integrated pest and disease management in livestock in a locally coordinated way”.

To get involved in future dung beetle projects contact NLSS on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for livestock health issues please contact the LHPA on (02) 6621 2317.

The day was funded through Northern Rivers CMA and the Commonwealth Governments Caring for our Country program. It is also supported by the Livestock Health & Pest Authority.

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