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North Coast Regional Landcare Facilitator


Kim Wolfenden the new Regional Landcare Facilitator commenced duties on 20 July.


The Regional Landcare Facilitator works with the local landcare networks tosupport community Landcare and production groups to adopt sustainable farm and land management practices to protect Australia’s landscape. The role will also promote opportunities for groups to access funds and provide an effective link between landcare, North Coast Local Land Services and other organisations.


Kim is extremely excited to accept the job and is looking forward to meeting and working with the North Coast Landcare Networks.

Kim has worked closely with landholders and community in her previous jobs and holds qualifications with a Masters of Environment, majoring in Education for Sustainability and a Bachelor of Communications. Kim has a high level of communication skills coupled with over ten years’ experience working in various environmental education and engagement roles. Her roles have been mainly in Queensland and include Communications and Engagement Manager for Keep Australia Beautiful, Queensland.


The position Kim will be leaving is Senior Liaison Officer for the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program, where she was the interface between the National Fire Ant Eradication Program, Councils, local industry groups, State and Federal government representatives and the affected community. Working with these key stakeholders to successfully restore intensive horticulture, cropping

and grazing activities following fire ant detections on properties in the region.


Kim will be based in Coffs Harbour.


      Case Study Videos


Meet Henry Sheehan, 'Wilton Park' Grafton  

Gary Zimmer, author of ‘The Biological Farmer’, said ‘Biological farming puts the fun back in farming’ and at ‘Wilton Park’, Grafton NSW, Australia that statement has been validated. One look at the smile on Henry Sheehan’s face would convince anyone that he was having way too much fun.


Henry is manager of ‘Wilton Park’, where FigTrees Organic Farms produces and markets award winning organic beef. Henry’s enthusiasm for the eco-system he nurtures is a pleasure to witness and be warned, it is contagious.  


http://vimeo.com/60811487 Landcare Fig Tree Farms Henry Sheehan (Manager- Wilton Park, Grafton)   full video

http://vimeo.com/60811486 Landcare Fig Tree Farms Henry Sheehan (Manager- Wilton Park, Grafton)   short version


Meet Glenn Morris, General Manager of Figtrees Organic Farms, producers and marketers of award winning organic beef from the award winning properties ‘Wilton Park’ at Grafton & ‘Billabong’ at Inverell in New South Wales, Australia.


Glenn has spent more than two decades observing, studying and thoughtfully managing the diverse ecosystems in his care. His keen eye led him to question traditional management practices, search for sustainable solutions and put them into practice.


Not only has he earned a Masters in Sustainable Farming but more importantly Glenn is on the ground ‘walking the talk’ with a blend of biological and organic farming principles combined with Holistic Management practices.


http://vimeo.com/60795516Landcare Fig Tree Farms Glenn Morris (Gerneral Manager – FigTrees Organic Farms) full video

http://vimeo.com/60795515Landcare Fig Tree Farms Glenn Morris (Gerneral Manager – FigTrees Organic Farms) short version

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