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Bush Regeneration

Bush Regeneration



Northern Landcare Support Services also offers fee for service on-ground bush regeneration work through an arm of the business called Earthcare Services. Contact us on 66323722 for a quote.


Why get a qualified bush regenerator to remove your weeds and restore you natural areas?


Killing weeds might sound like a fairly straight forward job and one that does not necessarily require any formal qualification to carry out. However like many other occupations in a modern world things are not always that easy.
Weed control is only one of the techniques used in bush regeneration and does require knowledge of both the weeds and native plants both mature and seedlings to effectively restore your natural areas. Bush regenerators tend to use many different techniques depending on the type of weed, age, density and situation it is growing in. The techniques may also differ depending on the outcome required.  Which one is the most invasive, persistent, hard to eradicate or new to the area that needs to nipped in the bud before it spreads further?

Many weeds can also be confused with similar looking native plants, especially at the seedling stage and and occasionally the mistaken native plant may be  actually be an endangered species that requires special protection and techniques when working along side it. In addition there are many herbicides on the market which are registered for specific plants and applications. Which should be used for your particular weed issue, at what concentration and when? Which herbicide is safe to use around or near rivers/creeks and lagoons/lakes?
In some situations it may be advantageous to leave some weed species in place to protect an area from harsh weather events or conditions and plan a staged weed removal at a later time.

A qualified bush regenerator has spent many years studying and has experience in the bush so will know the answer to these questions and is the best option for managing your natural area restoration and invasive weed eradication.

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