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Saffin welcomes funding to save the Eastern Bristlebird

Bristle Bird


Page MP Janelle Saffin has welcomed Australian Government support for a project to restore habitat for a threatened species in the Border Ranges area. Ms Saffin said the Nature Conservation Council of NSW will receive more than $125,000 in the latest round of Caring for our Country funding for restoration of habitat for the threatened northern population of the Eastern Bristlebird in the Border Ranges, north of Kyogle.


“There are fewer than 50 Eastern Bristlebirds left in the wild and they are listed as threatened species in NSW and are on the national endangered list.



The Nature Conservation Council and Northern Landcare Support Services along with other organisations are part of the Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium, which is working on several projects to protect our biodiversity and restore habitat.


“Consortium members including the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and the National Parks and Wildlife Service have been working for more than five years to save the northern population of the Eastern Bristlebird from extinction.

“I am pleased that this project has been successful in securing Caring for our Country funding to continue this work in restoring the habitat of the bird dubbed ‘the little Aussie battler’.


“The project covers an area at the top of O’Grady’s creek and includes about 20 properties in the Border Ranges.


“Caring for our Country continues to provide our local community with support to help us care for our unique natural environment.

“Habitat degradation, the spread of invasive pest plants and animals, the effects of climate change and human activity pose significant threats to our environment.


“Australia is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. A healthy environment benefits not only us, but future generations of Australians,” Ms Saffin said.


Under the Caring for our Country 2012-13 business plan, 66 new projects across the nation will be granted funding of $12.5 million to protect Australia’s natural environment and safeguard its iconic natural places and species.

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