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 Introducing iCarbon®

iCarbon software to be launched on Wednesday 22 May 2013 at 3.30 pm.

A software system that allows landholders to simply manage their carbon projects will be launched in Australia next week.

Developed by Australian Carbon Traders, iCarbon is designed to help landholders and aggregators apply for registration to the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), manage carbon projects and simplify the monitoring and verification process. iCarbon manages multiple carbon projects and the processes needed to run successful carbon projects.

iCarbon will be launched through an interactive web broadcast at 3.30 pm on Wednesday the 22nd of May 2013. You can view the launch and get a free trial of this innovative software by visiting http://icarbon.net.au/launch.aspx. There will also be an interactive question and answer forum on the day.

iCarbon provides an invaluable tool to carbon project managers large and small by managing the documents, process and monitoring requirements in one easy to use portal. Landholders can easily complete various forms, access tools and view all aspects of their project, simply, easily and in one location.

The iCarbon system has been designed to create economies of scale for independent carbon operations. Landholders can reap the benefits of a larger aggregation without signing their properties away. This unique business model has been developed by listening to thousands of farmers over ten years and 300 presentations all over the country.

The iCarbon system is backed by the expertise and knowledge of Australian Carbon Traders and was developed in conjunction of Emissions Management Australia, a locally based software development company specialising in CFI tools.

EMA has also produced the Map My Carbon app for Apple products.

For further information visit www.icarbon.net.au or call Ben Keogh on 0425 877 676.

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