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Australia’s Native Vegetation Framework


The COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water, represented by Ministers from all state and territory
governments and the Australian Government, has endorsed Australia's Native Vegetation Framework for
public release.


Australia’s Native Vegetation Framework will guide native vegetation management across the Australian
landscape. The framework recognises that native vegetation is crucial for the health of Australia’s
environment, that it supports our economy and productivity as well as our biodiversity and that it is embedded
within Australia’s cultural identity.

The vision of the framework is that native vegetation is managed in an ecologically sustainable way that
promotes its enduring environmental, economic, social, cultural and spiritual values.

Australia's Native Vegetation Framework - Summary (PDF - 898 KB) | (Word - 1.8 MB)
Australia's Native Vegetation Framework (PDF - 6.0 MB) | (Word - 2.9 MB)

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